On the western part of Korčula Island lies the town of Vela Luka, a small town situated in a deep and large bay, surrounded with many coves, whose shores are covered with fig trees, vineyards, olive trees and pines as they mildly descend to the sea.
With its 4500 residents, Vela Luka is the second largest island town among the islands in the Adriatic Sea and a safe port and anchorage for sailors.
Broad panoramic views, mild Mediterranean climate, crystal-blue sea, interesting and rich cultural heritage, various locations for sport and recreation, entertaining programs, but above all its kind and friendly locals make Vela Luka an attractive tourist destination.
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Vela Luka has many archeological and architectural points of interest. On the south slope of the hill, Pinski Rat, there is an extraordinary archaeological site. It is called Vela Spila (Big Cave)  and it is one of the most important prehistoric cave dwellings in Europe. Vela Spila provides a picture of life on the Mediterranean of Mesolithic and Neolithic people living in that region. Carbon dating has shown that there was human activity going back 20 000 years . The finds are on display at the Center for Culture in Vela Luka. The cave's interior measures approximately 1500 sq. meters and it is located several hundred meters above the beautiful Vela Luka Bay. Another panoramic view of the area can been seen from Hum Hill and the Forteca, an Austro-Hungarian fortress built in 19th century. Vela Luka has a rich history of Klape singing (an acappella style). One of the best known is the Klapa Osjak.
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