Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo), Croatia - holiday information

Cove Tri Zala – Korcula Island

Tri Zala cove is located on the northern side of Korcula, only 5 km from the town, between the settlements of Zrnovska Banja and Racisce. There is a regular daily coach line that connects the cove with the town. The settlement has several restaurants and stores and there is an option of boat renting which is ideal if you are interested in researching and discovering other numerous coves and isles. The name Tri Zala actually means three strands and it is by the smaller gravely beaches that the settlement and the cove got their name. If you wish to enjoy a quiet family time there are several other coves and beaches in the vicinity. The northern part of Korcula that looks at the peninsula Peljesac is known across Europe as a surfing heaven because in the winds in the channel are always favourable for this activity so various competitions take place here. The Tri Zala cove is situated just across the settlement Viganj on Peljesac, which is the most famous windsurfing destination on the Adriatic.

Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo) – basic information

distance to the nearest place: 5km, Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo) - day/ saint: saint :

Distance from bigger centres

Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo)- Split: 113km, Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo) - Pula: 625km, Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo) - Rijeka: 529km, Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo) - Zadar: 269km, Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo) - Šibenik: 204km, Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo) - Dubrovnik: 120km, Cove Tri zala (Zrnovo) - Zagreb: 522km

Possibility of accomodation

private accomodation, apartments, rooms


pebble, stone

Facilities and authorities

self-service shops

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rent a bike

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clean sea, beautiful beaches, beaches in the place, possibility for sailing around islands