The island of Korcula – excursions and nearby destinations


Dubrovnik - This city, also known as the “Mediterranean pearl”, is only 120km south from the island of Korcula. From the mentioned island the journey will take approx. 2 and half hours of your time and with coach something over 3 hours, or you can reach the town with a boat or a fast boat line. There is plenty to see in Dubrovnik starting with the old town walls, churches, museums and treasury and especially attractive main town street Stradun which is the centre of events in Dubrovnik. If you find yourself in Dubrovnik in time of the “Dubrovnik summer festival” (10.07.-25.08) be sure to be a part of some of the events. The beauty of this town has been attracting celebrities and other public figures from Richard Lion Heart, Wallise Simpson to prince Edward, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Michael Douglas and Cetherine Zeta Jones, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russella, Richarda Gerea i Nicka Noltea, Tom Cruisea to members of royal families, popular athletes and musical virtuosos ...

Hvar -Situated on the island of Hvar (north from Korcula), connected with the town of Korcula with a fast catamaran line that takes an hour and half, Hvar is a charming little town with rich historic and cultural heritage and architecture, surrounded by untouched nature and crystal clear sea. Especially interesting are the town well, St. Stephens cathedral (Katedrala Sv. Stjepana) from the 16th century, city lodge, elegant palaces and the arsenal building above which one of the oldest European theatres has its premises, all located on the city square. The town is also popular because of its rich night life and entertainment which is proven and many celebrities from politics as well as show business made their appearances: Prince Harry, Tom Cruise, Roman Abramovich, Bernie Ecclestone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gerard Depardieu and Steven Spielberg are only some of the well known names that visited this charming little town.

Orebic – Peljesac peninsula - Orebic is a town located on the Peljesac peninsula only 15 min of driving from Korcula, if travelling with a regular boat line. Throughout the history the settlement was best known as a settlement of marine captains and seamen whose baroque houses and gardens make a good part of the old town. It is no wonder that one of the most visited places in the settlement is the navy museum and the captain cemetery located just next to the church of Lady of Angels (Crkva Gospe od Andela) from the 15th century. With its beauty and landmarks Orebic attracts more and more tourists from all over the world. Be sure to take into account the boat and car excursions that journey to other settlements on Peljesac such as Kucista, Viganj and Lovista where you can enjoy beautiful beaches and the smell of pine forests. If you drive down the Peljesac road towards east you will pass spacious vineyards and picturesque settlements until you reach a small town of Ston (Veliki i Mali). Ston is surrounded with high walls that were built as a defence by the Republic of Dubrovnik in the 15th and 16th century. The walls were also used for production of salt and are active event today. The settlement is also known for breeding shell fish and oysters.

Split - This city of rich cultural and historic heritage is the second biggest Croatian city. The town’s symbol - the Diocletian palace, built in the third century is a remarkable landmark that still has some original parts preserved even today. The old Diocletian mausoleum is today the Cathedral of St. Domnius (Katedrala Sv. Duje) under which lies the Peristil square – centre of cultural events in town. You can reach Split by ferry or catamaran from the island of Korcula.

Badija Island - Belongs to the cluster of islands of the so called Korcula archipelago and is the biggest among them. Apart from the untouched nature and beaches it is known for its Franciscan convent from the 14th century built in late gothic style which is almost completely preserved. The island is connected with other settlements and cities by frequent boat lines.

Lastovo Island - Situated 7,5 miles on the south from Korcula this island with its untouched nature and wilderness has been enlisted in the top 10 Mediterranean heavenly gardens according to the WWF world organization. Two biggest settlements on the island are Lastovo located in the island inland and Ubli on the coast. Lastovo has many interesting customs and dances and it’s a real oasis for visitors who are looking for a getaway from the daily routine. You can reach Lastovo with an excursion boat from Lumbarda and Korcula.

The island of MljetMljet NP Located on the east from Korcula, apart from its natural beauties this island is known for its national park. The park is rich in flora and fauna and gives shelter to some endemic species. It also encompasses the Malo and Veliko jezero (two lakes). Veliko jezero has a little island in the middle with a romantic Benedictine convent from the 12th century. You can also engage in sport and recreation in the park. You can reach the island with a hydro glider from Lumbarda or Korcula (it will take 30 minutes of your time) or you can take a tourist boat and travel for an hour and half.