Korcula is the most populated Croatian island. Being one of the biggest middle dalmatian islands it is situated in its most southern part close to Dubrovnik. Vela Luka is connected with ferry lines with Split daily, while a ferry to Korcula Town goes several times a week, even from Dubrovnik. The best connection is a line from the top of the peninsula of Peljesac Orebic to Dominče, a port right next to the town of Korcula, where a ferry goes a dozen times a day and the journey takes 15 minutes. There is also a link from the center of the Makarska Riviera Drvenik to Dominče. There are catamaran lines that you can also use. Korcula and all Croatian islands are characterized by Mediterranean climate and a vegetation of pine forests, olive groves and vineyards. The island was inhabited by Greeks as early as the 6th century BC, then it was conquered and settled by the Romans and eventually by the Croats. Korcula was a part of the Croatian kingdom, however, conquerers were not idle so it fell under the rule of Venice, afterwards under Napoleon, Austro-Hungary, the old Yugoslavia, and Italy in World War II. The stormy history of Korcula and the entire Croatia could be seen through historical remains that invaders had left behind. It could be best seen in the town of Korcula, called Dubrovnik in minor, with its well conserved medieval walls. Walking through the streets of Korcula, you will have the feeling that you return the time machine at the period of Marco Polo, the famous traveler who was born there. Korcula is the tourist mecca with a long tradition. Hotels, marina, rooms and apartments, restaurants, shops, bars and everything else is there at your disposal. We recommend bathing in a nearby Lumbarda with a unique sandy beaches and vineyards in the sandy areas where a unique variety of grapes grows there which gives to the wine Grk special aroma and taste. Korcula is a big island so that from the town of Korcula on the eastern side, to Vela Luka on the western side, it takes 42 km. Traveling through Korcula you will encounter a number of smaller sites: Zrnovo, Racisce, Prigradica, Caesar, Smokvica, Blato, etc. Most of these places has spread to nearby coves that offer a large number of apartments and houses by the sea, in attractive locations. In the far west of the island there is Vela Luka. It is characterized by a large bay port as the name of the city says. Vela Luka is known as fishing village and the population is engaged in agriculture, shipbuilding, and of course tourism. West coast of the island of Korcula is very indented and around Vela Luka there is a series of bays where you can rent a house or apartment in an isolated place. Vela Luka has also the other types of accomodation such as hotels, apartments and boarding houses in the centre of the village. From the island of Korcula, you can go on day trips to Dubrovnik, island of Hvar, and on Peljesac where you can sample oysters in various restaurants, specially in Stone which is famous for them. You can sail on the nearby islands of Lastovo and Mljet, which is Croatian national park with its unique nature. Visit Dubrovnik and Cavtat if you decide to have  vacation in Korcula or Vela Luka.  With the boat that you rented in ACI marina Dubrovnik, go on a longer vacation to the north in Umag and Novigrad and while you are there be sure to visit Porec and Vrsar.

  • Korcula - Velaluka
  • Korcula - Velaluka




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